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Transitional Kindergarten

The concept of transitional kindergarten was pioneered by the State of California in 2010 when a law was passed called the Kindergarten Readiness Act to make a place for 4-year old and new 5-year old children who are developmentally in-between preschool and kindergarten.  Transitional kindergarten offers children with late birthdays extra time and a developmentally appropriate curriculum to prepare them for entering kindergarten. 

Transitional kindergarten teaches children the foundational learning skills they need in order to be comfortable in a classroom environment among their peers.  By delaying the enrollment year for kindergarten, 4-year olds and young 5-year olds are offered the time to build the foundation skills necessary for them to adapt successfully to kindergarten when they are ready.

Students not only learn essential pre-literacy, pre-math, and other cognitive skills, but also develop social and self-regulation skills needed to succeed in school and life.

This program is designed for children that miss the kindergarten cutoff or who need the opportunity to enhance their preschool skills.  Our teachers foster learning in a child centered environment allowing growth in social, emotional and all academic areas.  Literacy interaction promotes pre-reading skills, observation and prediction.  Reading-writing connections are enhanced as the children gain new opportunities to use letters and language.  Projects and writing continue to advance motor skills and self expression.  Upon completion of this program, children will have had many opportunities to become self confident learners well prepared for a full day kindergarten program.

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