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Two-Year Olds

Children must be 2 years old by December 1. Two-year old classes are 2 hours in length. Maximum class size is 16 students with 3 teachers.

Classes offered for 2-year olds:

Three-Year Olds & Four-Year Olds

For simplification, we call any child who will be in preschool for two or more years a “3” year old, and any child who will be eligible for kindergarten after one year of preschool a “4” year old. Since different towns have different cut-off dates for school entrance, please use your town's date as a guide. If unsure, just ask and we'll help!

All classes are 2½ hours in length. Maximum class size is 16 students with 2 teachers.

3-year old class

Classes offered for 3-year olds:

4-year old class

Classes offered for 4-year olds:

Enrichment Classes

The student/teacher ratio in these classes is smaller than our regular classes to allow for more individualized instruction. All students in these classes must also be enrolled in one of our regular classes at Woodland Hollow.

Monday Math Magic for Fours

This class has a focus on math readiness activities, with an emphasis on fun!  Number recognition, patterning, sequencing, measurement, and graphing are among the skills that we work on through individual and class projects, games, and lots of hands-on fun.  Other math topics could include sets, addition and subtraction, and an introduction to place value.

Wednesday Science Club for Fours

Welcome to the magical world of science exploration!  This class will be all about problem solving, drawing conclusions, and experimentation with the natural world around us.  Science concepts will cover a broad range of topics, drawing from the children’s interests as the year goes on.  Activities will be hands-on, and lots of fun!

Friday Reading Readiness for Fours

Friday’s focus will be on letters, language, and beginning reading skills.  Using the “Handwriting Without Tears” program, we will work on letter formation for both upper and lower case letters.  Through games and art activities, phonics lessons will be reinforced.  As the year goes on, we’ll be using these skills to build words, practice rhyming words, and learn some word families.  We’ll make books and projects that we can bring home and read to our families!

Music and Movement for Threes

The children will engage in music and movement fun!  They will take part in group music making, playing music together and listening to each other.  They will learn many different music activities and games that are perfect for child development!

Cooking for Threes

This class will focus on kitchen safety, proper food handling, food preparation, introduction to new foods, manners, and so much more!

More Information

For more information on foods to bring for snacks, please visit the Snack Safely Website and download a copy of their safe snacking guide.

Please see the pre-registration forms for class times and tuition rates.

To register your child for a class, print out and mail the pre-registration form below with your pre-registration fee to Woodland Hollow Learning Center, or bring it to the school in person.

Form for the September 2019 - June 2020 school year.

Form for the September 2018 - June 2019 school year.